Transform your dog in 45 days!

Few people can claim that they failed their way into their career, but I sure can.

Hear me out.

I knew nothing about dogs, but I knew that I was going to take her home with me anyways. Her name was Sasha. She was rescued from a fighting ring and boy was she insanely dog aggressive. I’ll never know how that blind faith came over me, but it overwhelmed my sensibilities. And hey, I like a challenge.

I was clueless, utterly clueless about how to walk my new best friend who was a barking lunging mess. Lets just say my neighbors stopped inviting me over to BBQ’s, they taught I was nuts. But I couldn’t blame them.

It wasn’t long before I realized I was in WAY over my head. So I started looking for a trainer to help. Back in those days the options were pretty limited, but I knew I had to do something, and do something fast.

After working with plenty of trainers that convinced me I was the problem, I decided that a board and train was the solution. A board and train is essentially when a dog trainer takes your dog to their home or facility and does the training then teaches you how to maintain the training. So after a month in this board and train and thousands of dollars invested, she showed little improvement and the train then demanded that he needed her for longer and that he wanted more money.

So much for my confidence, I was feeling pretty defeated. And let’s just say, Sasha got a lump of coal in December of that year.

Sasha and Karen at the park. And yes she dresses her dogs up.

That was when I met someone that incorporated fitness and obedience into the same program and for the first time I started to see improvements in Sasha. As I watched her change, our bond strengthened. Light at the end of the tunnel. We continued to work until I could trust her 100% percent.

Just after that time I met my first mentor who convinced me that I should use my struggle for good by becoming a dog trainer full time. To be honest I thought he was nuts, but he impressed upon me that if I could help other people with dogs like Sasha, I could really make a difference.

So I connected with my mentor and worked under him for three years, training many different dogs. Everything from puppies to elderly dogs, big dogs, small dogs, you name it. It was nice to have access to someone with many years of experience when I was getting my career going as I always had someone to consult with if I was unable to figure out how to progress with a hard dog. But after three years I was ready to spread my wings.

There IS ...

Off to Canada, land of maple syrup and polite bearded lumberjacks. I was on a mission to work with one of Canadians most well known dogs trainers, Ted Efthymiadis. He’s Greek, don’t ask me how to pronounce his last name, names like that should be illegal. Long story short, we hit it off, Ted’s a great guy and he taught me an amazing amount about dog training, but he really focuses on how to educate clients so that the results will last.

I felt like we were going to get along great and we kept in touch for years before he offered me the opportunity to join his company, Mango Dogs.

Ok back to the point!

Whatever you’re dealing with, I promise you that we’ve seen it and trained it many times before.

Whether your dog is dealing with something minor like bad manners or “selective” obedience all the way to something major like dog or human aggression, our system can help you overcome it.

Fill out your information below to schedule a training evaluation. I can’t wait to help you. -Karen